Route 66 Dress pattern

In collaboration with Joni Lynn, comes this 1940’s classic look.

The 1940s “wartime shirtwaister” was popular and prevalent from the prewar era through the 1950’s. Utilitarian in look with uniform inspired square shoulders and short, mostly straight shirts, its silhouette fit well with conservation efforts. The shirtwaist dress, so called, because it’s button front mimicked a man’s dress shirt, was comfortable and practical. It was marketed as everything from sports wear in the form of tennis ensemble to party dress when made in nicer fabrics.

When the “New Look” made it’s appearance the shirtwaist dress was one of the few items to survive the feminization of silhouettes. A bit more fabric in the skirt, a bit more puff in the sleeve and the looks was transformed into the classic 1950’s house dress.

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