BunnyBear Patterns

Extensively researched, expertly drafted, photo illustrated PDF sewing patterns for American Girl dolls.

What you should want from life is an arena big enough to express your talents and gifts.
— Pleasant Rowland

The Idea

actually wasn't really mine. 

In early 1999 I was happily spending upwards of 16 hours designing one of a kind fashion for American Girl Dolls. I searched online, in book stores and family basements for historic design support. I purchased vintage snaps by the box and buttons by the pound.

Occasionally, I would be asked if I would sell the pattern for a particular outfit. Wanting to protect the one of a kind nature of my work, my response was always sorry, no. Things changed in the summer of 2006, when we had our son, and I had to stop producing BunnyBear outfits in favor of sleep.

Style & Quality

In 3AM conversations, my husband urged me to reconsider offering my patterns to customers. He reasoned that although I no longer had the time to make outfit after outfit, I could find the time to make an outfit here and there.

I could still produce styles that I loved, with the attention to detail that was so important to me. I worked for almost two years, mostly during naptime, designing my first PDF patterns and in August of 2008 BunnyBear reopened its doors. 


100% Handmade

Every BunnyBear design is the culmination of hours of extensive research. Whenever possible, actual textile examples and antique patterns were consulted. I can spend hours in a textile museum...

My table is cluttered with a jumble of french curves, flexible rulers, pins and paper. I hand draw, fit and test every pattern, repeatedly before it is released. All my work is scanned so I can mark the drawings digitally. 

I am an adult collector who has had a passion for American Girl Dolls, specifically the historical line, since childhood. My passion is evident in my work and I hope you enjoy it. Happy sewing!